Meeting another bodybuilder from Sacramento

So after my recent move to Sacramento in California, I realize that Matt Ogus, an upcoming bodybuilder also resides here in Sac. It is always great to meet someone alike when you are far far away from home. Meeting Matt was a great experience. He has a great youtube channel along with many fans. The guy has a great in-depth knowledge on the sport and I even learned something from him.

For those who are unfamiliar with Matt check out his on stage performance:


A summary of what we talked about was how he got into body building and how he got so strong on his lifts.

He is weighing in around 180 lbs with a 260 lbs over head press! That is insane for a guy that size. Not only that but he can rep out 315 lbs on the bench press for reps, rep out 405 lbs for reps on squat, and has a deadlift of around 600 lbs. For those of you who are new, just know that these numbers are phenomenal.

In order to reach these gains a big factor to consider is age. Not necessarily your actual age but how many years you actually been lifting on the bench press, squat, and deadlift. Matt has been lifting for about 10 years so anyone who thinks they can just start fresh and lift the weights he is lifting is only kidding themselves.

Those 10 years of consistent lifting comes with a learning curve. What I mean is that if Matt were to start bodybuilding now then it would not take him 10 years to get to where he is now because of all the newfound knowledge that he has on the sport. It takes true determination to keep going after you plateau and its what only a small percentage of people who understand how hard it is to achieve the feats he has.

But enough of the rant, my point is that Matt Ogus is a perfect role model for those who are just getting into the sport.

My advice is to actually learn from someone who has years of experience in your field. And I am not just talking about body building, but anything in life. If you want to be the greatest cook, it is best to learn from a chef who has years of experience. This is by far the greatest way to speed the learning curve of just about anything.

In fact, I just ran into another guy from Sacramento. His name is Andy Lim and is an aspiring body builder. While he isn’t in the best body building shape, the progess he has shown me are remarkable. He has his own personal training site for those who are interested in getting a personal trainer.

Andy and I have scheduled a workout session together and I am actually looking forward to our workout together. One of the things I like about this sport the most is that just about anyone can do it. I have had sessions with many talented fitness models and have taken a lesson from each. I still look at myself as a student at the sport and I always find myself learning something new, especially when working out with different people.

How my journey started

Before I get into blogging I just want to quickly brief you guys on how I derived.

As a young boy I was always known to be atlethic. I was just very active. I remember walking across the street when I saw some people breakdancing and thought to myself how cool it was if that were me. So I got into break dancing and became good at it. As most of you know, break dancing consist of many types of body movements which require much energy. The more I was dancing, the more weight I lost. I remember shedding of roughly 10 lbs in just a few months and noticing the complete shift my body just went through. For the first time in my life (15 at the time) I was what people would consider fit. Thus leading to my body building path.

Just like how I was inspired by people breakdancing. I hope to also inspire all those into body building.